[Rspamd-Users] Whitelist overrides - help please?

Phil Stracchino phils at caerllewys.net
Thu Jul 16 20:58:54 UTC 2020

On 2020-07-16 02:12, Christian Kivalo wrote:
> Put your supplemental config into local.d
> See also https://rspamd.com/doc/configuration/ where this is described

After reading that page for about the fifth time and getting no helpful
information from it, and following links to many other documentation
pages from many configuration files, I THINK that I MIGHT have figured
out what I need.  Here's what I have:


        patterns = [
            "There was a problem delivering your message",


symbols = {
        weight = -5.0;
        description = "This message looks like a delivery failure
        one_shot = true;

This at least generates no errors on loading.  Does this seem like it
SHOULD work?  Now I get to wait for the next retry and see whether it
actually *does* what I want...

Am I defining the symbol in the right place?  Is there a better place?

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