[Rspamd-Users] Whitelist overrides - help please?

Nihad @ RSPAMD maillist rspamd-mlist-user-qa at eminovic.ba
Thu Jul 16 11:13:20 UTC 2020

You got it correctly.
Config files are ordered and read in a certain order.
When you specify something, it will override previous settings.

Override.d is loaded last, and hence will override all previous setting when specified in that file.
It does not need to be complete copy, just a block og certain setting.

If you wish to change score to certain symbols, this is how I do it.
Below map is looking for specified domains in a map, and changes their score to -12.0. So if they got score that will mark them as spam, I subtract that score with -12. It usually lowers the score below spam treshold.

 type = "header";
 header = "from";
 filter = "email:domain";
 map = "/etc/rspamd/local.d/whitelist.sender.domain.map";
 score = -12.0;
 regexp = true;

Not tested, but you might be able to add first part of email address, into the map above, and have this work as is.

so let’s say gmail sends an "mailbox not found" from an email called daemon-refuse at gmail.com you can specify /daemon-refuse/ in a map, and it will lower score of these mails.

You can read a bit more about multimap module and you can look body entries as well. Read more here https://rspamd.com/doc/modules/multimap.html

On 16 Jul 2020, 05.03 +0200, User questions <users at lists.rspamd.com>, wrote:
> Perhaps I've been misunderstanding — I thought that the override file
> *supplemented* the original file and contained additional stanzas to be
> added. Is it used *INSTEAD* if found? So I would need to copy the
> original file into override.d and then add my changes to it, *NOT*
> simply supply the additional rules I want?

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