[Rspamd-Users] Bit.ly addresses.

Reio Remma reio at mrstuudio.ee
Thu Jan 23 09:19:26 UTC 2020

On 23/01/2020 11:15, Alexander Moisseev via Users wrote:
> 23.01.2020 12:00, Reio Remma via Users пишет:
>> On 23/01/2020 10:29, Reio Remma wrote:
>>> Hello!
>>> Can anyone tell me if bit.ly short URLs are processed by Rspamd? 
>>> Since the weekend one of my users has started to receive russian 
>>> lottery spam, all of which contain a line of text in russian ending 
>>> with bit.ly links.
>>> I expanded some of these links and they seemed to have URLs in them 
>>> with TLD-s I have already penalized (however they aren't being scored).
>>> It seems someone has suddenly found a way into web servers - all 
>>> these seems to be send from infected machines. 
>> 2020-01-23 08:19:55 #1887(normal) <b337e5>; task; 
>> rspamd_mime_part_detect_language: detected part language: ru
>> Is there anyway I can add a symbol if a specific language is detected 
>> in a mail?
> https://rspamd.com/doc/lua/rspamd_mimepart.html#mb8f0b

Noticed that, found my way to the LUA guide now. :)


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