[Rspamd-Users] spamassassin meta support

Steve Sturges (ststurge) ststurge at cisco.com
Wed Jan 15 20:56:20 UTC 2020


I’ve been playing around with rspamd and have a question about the spamassassin plugin…
I have a few meta rules that are of two different forms:

meta X (Z - Y) > 0.1
meta D (A +  0.25 * B + 0.5 * C) >= 1

When I load them into rspamd using the spamassassin plugin, they are not parsing properly, and I get an error “Cannot parse expression
 (Z - Y) > 0.1“ and “Cannot parse expression (A+ 0.25 * B + 0.5 * C) >= 1” respectively.

Near as I can tell from the code, with the 1st form, the plugin and expression parser does not handle the - as an arithmetic operator the same way it does with +.  Is this accurate?  Are there alternatives in converting the meta expressions?  Or plans to add support for this in the future?

For the 2nd example, I have tried swapping the order, making it (A + B * 0.25 + C * 0.5) >= 1, but still get an error.  Step through the debugger, the error message comes back as “Cannot parse atom: callback function failed to parse ‘.25 + C * 0.5) >= 1’”, which implies that the combination of addition and multiplication as part of the expression itself is not working as I expect.

Any suggestions from people who have migrated from spamassassin to rspamd?


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