[Rspamd-Users] [ML] disable dkim signing for some messages

Andreas Sachs andilist at gmx.de
Wed Jan 1 19:09:45 UTC 2020


>>| how can i disable dkim signing for messages containing a specific
>>| header or which are send to a specific smart host?
>>| I have a web application that generates emails. The emails are handed
>>| over to the local postfix. If a mail header is present, the mails are
>>| delivered to a second mailserver (smarthost). If the header is not
>>| present, the mails are delivered directly to the recipients mail
>>| server. The emails should only be signed, if they are directly
>>| delivered to the recipient. They should not be signed, if they are sent
>>| to the smarthost.
>>| I already tried user settings, but i don't know how to disable dkim
>>| signing.

>In previous versions (1.x ?) there was a "sign_condition" parameter.

>Now https://rspamd.com/doc/modules/dkim_signing.html seems to say you can use
>"HTTP headers based DKIM signing"...

can somebody give me an example how to make the setting? the documentation is not helpfull for me. do i have to use apply -> actions?
Thanks Andi

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