[Rspamd-Users] Recently migrated from spamassassin to rspamd, open issues

Michael Grimm trashcan at ellael.org
Sat Feb 22 11:45:34 UTC 2020

Alexander Moisseev via Users <users at lists.rspamd.com> wrote
> 21.02.2020 23:41, Michael Grimm пишет:

>> I would have thought that the X-Rspamd-Server string might be configurable.
> Done.
> https://github.com/rspamd/rspamd/commit/18a9a0b584a6e469bedbf431d0f310e3bd9736c2

Wow! I am more then impressed about the speed of realisation of such a rather "unimportant" option.
Now I am convinced that my migration to rspamd was the right decision ;-)

> You can set it like this:
> routines {
>    x-rspamd-server {
>        hostname = "example.org";
>    }
> }

I will have to wait until this new option reaches my FreeBSD port of rspamd, though.

Thank you very much and regards,

P.S.	@FreeBSD users: is it as "safe" to follow the rspamd-devel port like following postfix-current? 
	(Never had an issue in doing so.)

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