[Rspamd-Users] Recently migrated from spamassassin to rspamd, open issues

Michael Grimm trashcan at ellael.org
Fri Feb 21 16:37:29 UTC 2020

dunc <a.16bit.sysop at gmail.com> wrote

> To check what is enabled you can do an rspamadm configwizard
> It list modules and if disabled or not, then quit without changing anything.

Thanks a lot! That is exactly the information I need to know.

> I think the header string would be the milter_headers module.

Here I din't succeed. Whatever I tried to set the x-rspamd-server header, I ended up with the local hostname.

I do have zero to none experience with lua code, but the following snippet from milter_headers module source [1] ...

	[1] https://github.com/rspamd/rspamd/blob/master/src/plugins/lua/milter_headers.lua
	————— snip ————
	 routines['x-rspamd-server'] = function()
	    if skip_wanted('x-rspamd-server') then return end
	    if settings.routines['x-rspamd-server'].remove then
	      remove[settings.routines['x-rspamd-server'].header] = settings.routines['x-rspamd-server'].remove
	    add[settings.routines['x-rspamd-server'].header] = HOSTNAME
	————— snap ————

… makes me believe that the x-rspamd-server header is hardcoded to local hostname, correct?

Thanks and regards,

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