[Rspamd-Users] Recently migrated from spamassassin to rspamd, open issues

Michael Grimm trashcan at ellael.org
Thu Feb 20 20:26:34 UTC 2020


I am running a private mailserver serving a handful of users, only and with an average of 500 mails, daily. Pretty low traffic, though. MTA is postfix, MDA is dovecot, both running in a FreeBSD jail. Rspamd is triggered via milter from postfix, besides clamav.

I did recently migrate from SA to rspamd, because I wanted to learn some new software ;-) The basic installation of rspamd and redis and basic configuration went smoothly. I did not use the builtin GUI for configuration, just editing config files at the shell.

But I do have some issues left, that I cannot find in the documentation or elsewhere:

#) How can I set the "X-Rspamd-Server: <hostname>" to an user defined string?
#) Is there an easy way to find out, which filters/modules are currently active/enabled? [1]

Only a few modules have a "(mumble_)enabled = false/true", most of the modules have not such a setting defined. 
Is it correct to assume that lacking such a setting stands for "(mumble_)enabled = false"?

#) Is there an easy way to tell rspamd that all filters/modules are "enabled = false" per default, and opt-in for those wanted, like e.g.:
modules_default_enabled = false;
modules_enabled = [a,b,c,…];

Thanks in advance and with kind regards,

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