[Rspamd-Users] More than one Multimap matches added symbol weight together... config fail?

Daniel, Sebastian s.daniel at q-mex.net
Wed Feb 5 11:04:16 UTC 2020


i have a rule in my multimap.conf, that will be added per hit the symbol weight. The rule is this:

spam_content {
      type = "header";
      header = "subject";
      map = "regexp_multi;/etc/rspamd/local.d/content.map";
      symbol = "SPAM_CONTENT";

The map contains the keywords.

If one Subject contains 2 or more oft he keywords, rspamd will add the weight as result. For example the subject matched 3 keywords and the symbol weigth is 6, rspamd added 18 Points for this Symbol.

Where is my fault? The symbol weight shouldn't adding....


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