[Rspamd-Users] avast.lua virus scanner module for Rspamd

Ralph Seichter abbot at monksofcool.net
Sat Feb 1 02:41:16 UTC 2020

* Franta Hanzlík:

> IMO "you cry on the wrong grave" (not sure when it is only Czech
> proverb)

The English variant is probably "barking up the wrong tree". I don't
think I am, though. This mailing list is the best way known to me to
discuss Rspamd development.

> You should respect that in this environment there is no and cannot
> be emphasized on accurate and up-to-date documentation. Especially
> everything concerning project development.

Respect does not factor into it. If there are specific guidelines to be
followed, I believe these should be documented. After all, there was
time to write a Lua style guide, which I consider much less important.

Open source projects are actually often better in this regard than many
commercial software projects, because customers rarely want to pay for
the effort associated with writing developer documentation.

> user documentation and changelogs is up-to-date and sufficiently
> detailed. This is sufficient for proper use of the product.

The state of end user documentation is not relevant for my use-case.

> As you have seen, the immediate reactions to yours plugin announcement
> was recommendations, how to do things right.

No. The immedate reaction was lambasting my work: "You literally break
almost everything with unpredictable consequences [...]". I don't, the
module works. The only recommendation was to study existing code, which
I did and which is insufficient.

Please note that I do not demand virus scanner design documentation. I
do however state that it is, indubitably, important to have that kind of
documentation, and I think it is well worth investing the necessary time
to write it.

> IMO if you asked for advice / assistance earlier, I believe it would
> be as well as provided.

I have asked questions in two separate messages this month, and did not
receive a single reply. That can happen, of course, and I do not feel
entitled to replies.

As you state you are an end-user of Rspamd, your requirements naturally
differ from a developer's. Of course you have the right to state your
opinion in this matter, but please understand that my needs are very
different from yours. Besides, Vsevolod is perfectly capable of holding
his own in discussions. ;-)


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