[Rspamd-Users] How to set up custom white/blacklisting

Yves Goergen nospam.list at unclassified.de
Thu Dec 17 17:02:25 UTC 2020


My Rspamd installation is used for many users with their own mailboxes. 
Each of those users has individual e-mail addresses that they want to 
whitelist or blacklist. Of course if one user wants to keep mail from an 
address that doesn't mean that other users want this, too. In fact the 
black and white lists for each user might be contradicting but that's 
unlikely and out of scope for now.

So I'm looking for an example configuration to achieve this pseudo-config:

if sender = alice at example.com and recipient = me at example.com then accept 
if sender = bob at example.com and recipient = me at example.com then deny 
if sender = charles at example.com and recipient = you at example.com then accept

and so on.

I've seen that Rspamd has a whitelist module and a multimap module but I 
couldn't figure out what they do, how they are supposed to be used and 
if they solve my problem at all. In those documents there is so much 
tech talk from the Rspamd developers and so little that a mere user of 
it can understand and follow. Examples and directions are greatly 

If Rspamd is unable to provide this, I'll have to look elsewhere and 
maybe see if I can get this to work on the underlying Exim mail server, 
without bothering Rspamd with it. I know that SpamAssassin (which I used 
before) has at least a global white/blacklist feature in their config, 
and it could be extended with Perl modules (ugh!). Maybe Rspamd allows 
something similar, too, but a simple config would be preferred.


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