[Rspamd-Users] DNS requests*

Andrew Lewis rspamd-users at judo.za.org
Fri Dec 11 06:26:21 UTC 2020

Hi Michael,

> Watching at the log of a local unbound resolver I'm seeing DNS requests
> to the various block-lists for IP address which obviously does
> not make sense (NXDOMAIN).
> Is this only caused by spam content or is there a typical
> misconfiguration at my side?

This is a liveliness check used by Rspamd. The expectation is that the  
monitored address should not be listed and a positive result is  
treated as an error.

> I'm considering to simply add override RRs in unbound to save some
> resources. Does that make sense?

You could disable the check by setting `disable_monitoring = true` in  


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