[Rspamd-Users] New Spamhaus zone and updates to the rules

Riccardo Alfieri riccardo.alfieri at spamteq.com
Thu Apr 30 08:56:57 UTC 2020


I'm happy to announce to the Rspamd community that Spamhaus has released 
an updated version of our rules that solves minor issues and, more 
importantly, adds support for a new dataset we just released.

The new zone is called HBL (Hash BlockList) and deals with three 
different email scenarios previously not covered by the plugin:

- Dropbox emails: emails - mostly on freemail providers - used in 
419-like scams, sextortions and the like
- Cryptowallets: malicious crypto addresses used mainly in extortion 
scams. Currently supports BTC,BCH,LTC,XRP,XMR and ETH
- Filehash: hashes of suspicious or confirmed malicious attachments

All the relevant technical information is available at 

HBL is a zone available only to paid-for DQS users, but we do offer a 
free trial; just follow the instructions at 

Even if you are not planning to use HBL, we strongly suggest you to 
update the rules to the latest release for general security.

We'd love some feedback and I'm always open for suggestions or 
discussion. Thank you!

Best regards,
Riccardo Alfieri

Spamhaus Technology

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