[Rspamd-Users] ratelimit.conf not working

P.V.Anthony anthony at mindmedia.com.sg
Wed Apr 15 18:36:22 UTC 2020

On 16/4/20 2:08 am, Chris Kruijntjens wrote:

> This is not working for me. I am using postfix with virtual users. Could this
> bet he problem?

I do not think so. I am also using virtual users. I am using ispconfig 
which keeps the users in mysql database.

Is this the only setting in the ratelimit file?

rates {

        only_40_per_hour = {
                           selector = 'user.lower';
                           bucket = {
                                    burst = 40;
                                    rate = "1 / 1min";


Copy and paste exactly then restart rspamd.

No other settings should be there for this test.

Also do a "rspamadm configtest" to check if the config syntax is correct.


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