[Rspamd-Users] Determine cause of error message "action rewrite subject has no threshold..."

Arno Welzel privat at arnowelzel.de
Fri Apr 10 12:59:28 UTC 2020

I use rspamd 2.5 with ISPConfig 3.1.15.

In the web UI "History" tab I see the following error message in the
"Errors" section:

Worker type: main

Module: cfg

Message: action rewrite subject has no threshold being set and it is not
a no threshold action

However, I don't use rewrite at all. All users are configured to have a
header added. ISPConfig creates the following user specific
configuration in /etc/rspamd/local.d/users for every user (for privacy
reasons I replaced the email address by xxxx):

ispc_spamfilter_user_2 {
    priority = 10;
    rcpt = "xxxx at xxxx.xxx";

    apply {
            CLAM_VIRUS = 1010;
        JUST_EICAR = 1010;
            actions {
                            "add header" =  6;
                    reject = 10;
                        greylist = null;


I also did a "grep -R rewrite" in /etc/rspamd but could not find any
setting which activates subject rewriting.

/etc/rspamd/actions.conf looks like this (comments removed):

actions {
    reject = 15;
    add_header = 6;
    greylist = 4;

    .include(try=true; priority=1; duplicate=merge)
    .include(try=true; priority=10) "$LOCAL_CONFDIR/override.d/actions.conf"

Adding headers works fine so far and also rejecting.

How can I find out, what causes the error message about missing treshold
for rewrite subject?

Thank you,

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