[Rspamd-Users] Body hash mismatch

Ihor Antonov ihor at antonovs.family
Thu Apr 2 17:01:58 UTC 2020

On 2020-04-02 18:43, Hans van Eijsden Photography via Users wrote:
> Hi Ihor,
> Although I’m not sure f this issue is related to your DKIM config in Rspamd, please make sure to fix your domain settings first.
> At https://en.internet.nl/mail/antonovs.family/340074/ you’ll see a lot of red.
> Everything should be green and 100% as you can see at https://en.internet.nl/mail/hansvaneijsden.nl/340076/ or at least as high as possible and green.
> Only when those basic issues are fixed I suggest you to look at other things to debug. Good luck!

Thanks Hans,

While the report you've linked is useful on its own I am not sure how
the problems highlighted in the report can affect DKIM signature

To elaborate a bit more: report highlights the absense of IPv6, DNSSEC
and DANE for my domain. I allow the possibility that I lived in a cave
past 10 years, but last time I checked those were "nice to have"
things. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Useful things in the report: 
 - no sufficiently strict DMARC policy, which is intentional, since I am
   still testing my domain, 
 - Usage of some "phase-out" TLS ciphers

But again, non of the above helps to understand what is wrong with my
DKIM signatgure

Ihor Antonov

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