[Rspamd-Users] Best way to kill a rule

Vadim Zeitlin vz-rspamd at zeitlins.org
Wed Sep 25 15:11:20 UTC 2019

On Wed, 25 Sep 2019 15:56:46 +0100 Vsevolod Stakhov <vsevolod at rspamd.com> wrote:

VS> On 25/09/2019 11:48, Sophie Loewenthal wrote:
VS> > Hi,
VS> > 
VS> > Would this be a good way to render a rule impotent?  I don’t think so. Is there a preferred way?
VS> > 
VS> > 
VS> > # cat local.d/settings.conf
VS> > kill_virusfree_rule {
VS> >   priority = high;
VS> >   from = "/@.+\..+/";
VS> >   apply {
VS> >         RBL_VIRUSFREE_BOTNET = 0.0;
VS> >   }
VS> > }
VS> > 
VS> > Best wishes, 
VS> > S
VS> > 
VS> Please read the FAQ document before asking questions in the mailing list.

 Notwithstanding this excellent advice, I feel that the FAQ answer to the
"How can I disable some Rspamd rules safely" question could be somewhat
improved: first, it would be great to have a concrete example. Second, it
mentions several ways of disabling a rule, but doesn't say what are the
advantages and drawbacks of each of them and it's not really clear which
one to choose (it does say that the first one is "easiest", but it doesn't
really seem to be easier than using "enabled = false" or "symbols_disabled"
to me).

 Unfortunately, I don't know the answers to these questions myself, so I
can't contribute a fix, but I just wanted to mention that it could well be
worth improving this section of the FAQ.

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