[Rspamd-Users] What is "temporarily rejected" on Throughput page?

Kai Schaetzl maillists at conactive.com
Sun Sep 1 12:56:32 UTC 2019

Alexander Moisseev via Users wrote on Thu, 29 Aug 2019 19:05:47 +0300:

> "Temporarily rejected" means 'soft reject' for any other reason except
> greylisting, e.g. rate limiting, explicit action set by user in Force
> Actions module or in Lua script, etc.

Coming back to that ...

I notice that most greylisting is marked as "soft reject" on the History 
page, but as "greylisting" on the Status and Throughput pages. If I select 
"greylist" in the filter box I get "nothing" most of the time, because 
most greylisting is marked as soft reject. This makes for the weird 
situation that I may have 10, 20 or more % greylist on the Status or 
Throughput pages but the History doesn't show a single greylisted item. On 
the other hand the History will show lots of soft rejected messages, but 
Statistics will say there weren't any (Temporarily rejected), which is a 
sense correct, of course.

Shouldn't these figures be the same accross the various tabs? e.g. if it 
was greylisted it should have the greylist label in the History and not 
the soft reject label. All other soft reject actions should have soft 

It looks to me like the only messages that get marked with a greylist 
label are those scoring exactly 4.00 = the (default) score for 
greylisting. Any new message above that threshold gets a soft reject 
instead of a greylist. Or, more exactly, it might be those messages that 
score high enough that they would trigger another action (rewrite_subject 
or add_header) if not greylisted first. Is this the distinction between 
the two? It's confusing.

A related question:
Which messages exactly get counted as "greylisted" on the Throughput page? 
Are it all messages regardless of the later action (= duplicate counting)? 
Or do you deduct all messages that trigger another action later?

Simple example:
Greylisted: 100
Clean: 100

Are these 100 messages that were greylisted but ultimately found to be 
clean? Or are these 100 greylisted messages where there was no second 
attempt of delivery? In other words: is the "Total messages" count a 
unique count or does it count messages twice (e.g. 1. grey list, 2. 
another action if it gets delivered a second time)?


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