[Rspamd-Users] clamav integration error (failed to scan)

Alex JOST jost+lists at dimejo.at
Tue Oct 22 07:57:10 UTC 2019

Am 16.10.2019 um 08:22 schrieb Nihad Eminovic via Users:
> This is what I have done, and it has helped, when I was researhing the same behaviour.
> If this is correct way of doing it, I am not sure. But at least I get fewer of these messages.
> Below are few lines from my clamav directive, and my comments on why they are there.
>    # Below 2 lines, try to solve maximum retransmits error when scanning emails.
>    # Seems to be connected to clamav db reloads
>    timeout = 15;
>    retransmits = 4;

There's a patch pending which should remove those annoying ClamAV 
timeouts during DB reloads. Hopefully the patch will make it into the 
next release.



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