[Rspamd-Users] Socket errors with Rspamd 2.0

Philip Paeps philip at trouble.is
Mon Oct 14 21:29:08 UTC 2019

I'm seeing a lot of these in my logs since upgrading to Rspamd 2.0:

2019-10-14 21:28:04 #85594(normal) rspamd_redis_stat_keys: cannot get 
keys to gather stat: getsockopt(SO_ERROR): Socket operation on 


2019-10-14 21:26:43 #85590(controller) 
rspamd_lua_redis_prepare_connection: cannot connect to redis: unknown 
2019-10-14 21:26:43 #85590(controller) lua; lua_redis.lua:1038: cannot 
execute redis request
2019-10-14 21:26:43 #85590(controller) rspamd_redis_pool_new_connection: 
cannot connect to redis: Can't create socket: Protocol not supported

Not sure if they're related but they're filling up my logs.

Does someone have a quick pointer to what might be the problem, before I 
try to dig deeper?

Many thanks.

Philip Paeps
Senior Reality Engineer
Alternative Enterprises

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