[Rspamd-Users] Rspamd 2.0 has been released

Aste aste at sveiks.lv
Mon Oct 14 12:27:02 UTC 2019


Friday, October 11, 2019, 8:00:58 PM, you wrote:
VS> We have released Rspamd 2.0 today!

VS> Upgrade notes

VS> There are various important features in this release. The vast majority
VS> of those should not have any visible impact on the existing systems.
VS> However, you are recommended to read the Upgrade Notes.

After upgrading from, 1.94 to 2.0 I started repeatedly getting errors:

2019-10-14 14:09:01 #4014(hs_helper) <805264>; main; rspamd_fork_worker: starting hs_helper process 4014 (0)
2019-10-14 14:09:04 #4014(hs_helper) glib; rspamd_glib_printerr_function: **
ERROR:/rspamd-2.0/src/libutil/str_util.c:2812:rspamd_str_regexp_escape: assertion failed: (d < dend)
2019-10-14 14:09:04 #4014(hs_helper) rspamd_crash_sig_handler: caught fatal signal 6(Aborted), pid: 4014, trace:

any ideas where to look?
OS Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS

Best regards

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