[Rspamd-Users] spamtrap maps

Ralph Meyer ralph at schosemail.de
Wed Nov 27 22:50:29 UTC 2019


I have configured spamtrap with a map like

/^test at domain1\.com$/i

So mails to test at domain1.com will be learned as spam.
This works as expected.

For a second domain, only with some adresses, I have tried to define a second map and negate the regex, but it looks
the spamtrap module only uses the first map defined in spamtrap.conf.

Is there a way to do something like

/^test at domain1\.com$/i
/^(?!info at domain2\.com)/i

"Learn mails to test at domain1.com as spam and everything to domain2.com except info at domain2.com ?"

Hopefully it's halfway understandable what I'm trying to do.


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