[Rspamd-Users] spam_header isn't added to spam email

Václav Nováček waclaw66 at seznam.cz
Tue Nov 12 09:24:32 UTC 2019

I have a problem with X-Spam header which doesn't occur in a spam email.
The configuration seem to be ok, spam_header is set and enabled within 
worker-proxy.inc file like...

spam_header = "X-Spam";

What could be wrong? Just to be sure I have enabled also some other 
settings of milter_headers.conf...

extended_spam_headers = true;
skip_local = false;
skip_authenticated = false;
use = ["x-spam-level", "x-spamd-result", "x-rspamd-queue-id", 

but it also didn't help.
The email got a score (~10), it's considered as a spam, subject was 
rewriten, other "use" headers added, but X-Spam header still missing.
The configuration is largely default.

Using rspamd 2.1

Thanks for help.


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