[Rspamd-Users] rspamd 2.1: enabling WebUI doesn't open listening socket

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at leidinger.net
Sat Nov 9 20:11:04 UTC 2019


I tried to enable the WebUI in rspamd 2.1. It doesn't even open a  
listening soket according to netstat.


worker "controller" {
     bind_socket = "localhost:11334";
     .include "$CONFDIR/worker-controller.inc"
     .include(try=true; priority=1,duplicate=merge)  
     .include(try=true; priority=10)  

count = 1;
password = "q1";
secure_ip = "";
secure_ip = "::1";
static_dir = "${WWWDIR}";

# generate a password hash using the `rspamadm pw` command and put it here
password = "$2$.....................................";

# dovecot will use this socket to communicate with rspamd
# note to self - tighten up these permissions
bind_socket = "/var/run/rspamd/rspamd.sock mode=0666 owner=nobody";

I also tried to put an explicit "enabled = true;" inside, no success.

No $CONFDIR/override.d/.

# netstat -na | grep 1133
-> nothing displayed

What am I doing wrong?

This is on FreeBSD-current.


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http://www.FreeBSD.org    netchild at FreeBSD.org  : PGP 0x8F31830F9F2772BF
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