[Rspamd-Users] rate limit one sender domain

Wiethoff, Helge helge.wiethoff at thga.de
Thu Nov 7 08:16:05 UTC 2019

Hello there,

I would like to configure the rate limit module for a specific sender domain.

While reading the documentation I have the following questions:
- Does "burst" mean the size of the bucket?
- Why can multiple buckets be configured for one ratelimit record?
- Restricting the selector to the domain:
    selector = 'from.lower.substring(1,-11.in("example.com")';
  doesn't make sense, does it? That would mean that the whole domain gets one bucket, right?
- Using "from.lower" as selector would rate limit all senders in all domains right?

# local.d/ratelimit.conf
  rates {
    some_limit = {
      selector = 'from.lower';
      bucket = [
        burst = 100;
        rate = "10 / 1min";

Any advice or example-snippet would be appreciated.


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