[Rspamd-Users] Rspamd 2.1 has been released

Aste aste at sveiks.lv
Mon Nov 4 11:55:19 UTC 2019


Monday, October 28, 2019, 7:36:28 PM, you wrote:
VS> We have released Rspamd 2.1 today.

VS> This release contains some new features and many bug fixes. There are no
VS> incompatible changes introduced with this release to our best knowledge.

Lua SMTP module  (lualib/lua_smtp.lua) is broken, probably from 2.0 already

In postfix logs: lost connection after DATA (0 bytes) from localhost[]
im rspamd logs (rspamd_proxy) lua_tcp_push_data: callback call failed: /usr/share/rspamd/lualib/lua_smtp.lua:113: bad argument #1 to 'insert' (table expected, got userdata

Line 113:           table.insert(message, CRLF.. '.' .. CRLF)

At least metadata exporter and DMARC reports are affected.

Best Regards

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