[Rspamd-Users] log configuration smtp_rcpts truncated

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Sat May 25 19:22:55 UTC 2019

I solved using a custom log format with a lua script that returns the 
number of recipients,


Il 14/05/19 19:08, Vsevolod Stakhov ha scritto:
> On 14/05/2019 17:23, Mailing List SVR wrote:
>> Il 14/05/19 16:51, Alexander Moisseev via Users ha scritto:
>>> On 14.05.2019 15:02, Mailing List SVR wrote:
>>>> but if the mail has many recipients the log is truncated, in
>>>> /var/log/mail.log I have something like this:
>>>> rcpts:
>>>> <rcpt1 at example.com,rcpt2 at example.com,rcpt3 at example.com,rcpt4 at example.com,rcpt5 at example.com,rcpt6 at example.com,rcpt7 at example.com,rcpt8 at example.com,...>
>>>> the web ui reports all the recipients instead, if this a bug or a
>>>> configuration error?
>>> Syslog packet length is limited to 1k [1] so we have to truncate long
>>> lists (e.g. recipients, symbols, etc).
>>> 1. https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3164#section-4.1
>> thanks for your answer, many sysylog implementations allow to raise this
>> limit, for example in rsyslog the maximum is 8K and is configurable
>> using $MaxMessageSize parameter,
>> https://www.rsyslog.com/doc/v8-stable/configuration/global/index.html
>> could rspamd make this length configurable (default 1K) and not hard
>> coded? thanks
> No.
> Use the proper tool, e.g. Clickhouse.

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