[Rspamd-Users] Missing headers with extended_spam_headers

rspamd-users at f-hamelin.fr rspamd-users at f-hamelin.fr
Sat May 25 08:49:40 UTC 2019


After treatment message identified as spam only have the "X-Spam: Yes" header added. Other headers x-spamd-result, x-rspamd-server and x-rspamd-queue-id are missing.

What should be done to get those headers ?

As a bonus, is it possible to have those headers event for non spam messages?

Best regards,

My context is the following:

# rspamd --version
Rspamd daemon version 1.9.3

# cat override.d/milter_headers.conf 
extended_spam_headers = true;

And an extract of rspamadm configdump
milter_headers {
    extended_spam_headers = true;
    use [

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