[Rspamd-Users] log configuration smtp_rcpts truncated

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Tue May 14 12:02:16 UTC 2019


I'm using rspamd and the default log configuration

log_format =<<EOD
id: <$mid>,$if_qid{ qid: <$>,}$if_ip{ ip: $,}$if_user{ user: 
$,}$if_smtp_from{ from: <$>,}
(default: $is_spam ($action): [$scores] [$symbols_scores_params]),
len: $len, time: $time_real real, $time_virtual virtual, dns req: $dns_req,
digest: <$digest>$if_smtp_rcpts{, rcpts: <$>}$if_mime_rcpts{, 
mime_rcpts: <$>}$if_filename{, file: $}$if_forced_action{, forced: $}

based on docs here:


smtp_rcpts should print all recipients,

but if the mail has many recipients the log is truncated, in 
/var/log/mail.log I have something like this:

<rcpt1 at example.com,rcpt2 at example.com,rcpt3 at example.com,rcpt4 at example.com,rcpt5 at example.com,rcpt6 at example.com,rcpt7 at example.com,rcpt8 at example.com,...>

the web ui reports all the recipients instead, if this a bug or a 
configuration error?


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