[Rspamd-Users] Filtering outgoing emails

Vsevolod Stakhov vsevolod at rspamd.com
Sat May 11 18:54:55 UTC 2019

On 11/05/2019 18:01, Philippe Paget wrote:
> Le 11/05/2019 02:16, Tim Harman via Users a écrit :

> milter_mail_macros="i {mail_addr} {client_addr} {client_name}
> {auth_authen}"

Why do you use this crap anyway? All the time I see endless mistakes
regarding this option. It was needed for Postfix 2.6 or some ancient
relic like this. Please, please stop using `milter_whatever_macros` with
Rspamd, it is meaningless and it could cause data loss.

I've checked the mentions of this option in Rspamd documentation and
found nothing.

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