[Rspamd-Users] setting log levels

P.V.Anthony anthony at mindmedia.com.sg
Wed May 1 19:29:11 UTC 2019

On 2/5/19 3:19 AM, Sophie Loewenthal wrote:
> Hi,
> Since v 1.9.0 rspamd crashes after a few days.  It just terminates.  Currently we’re running with rspamd.
> I would like to turn on debugging.  This URL defines the log levels, but does not note where this should be set.  Any ideas?
> https://rspamd.com/doc/configuration/logging.html

Please note that I am not an expert.

I do it in /etc/rspamd/local.d/logging.inc

My logging.inc contains the following.

debug_modules=["ratelimit", "dkim_signing"];

Currently using version 1.9.2

Hope this helps.


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