[Rspamd-Users] messages from rspamd server not signed

Mesterházy Attila Tibor mester1202 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 21:55:21 UTC 2019

>> if I send and e-mail from another machine with this server as the SMTP
>> server the message is signed, but if I send the message on this
>> machine with sendmail or as a result of a cron job it is not signed.
> Yes, you already wrote that. When using Postfix's sendmail binary, the
> non-SMTP milter settings apply [1]. Do your log files shown that Rspamd
> is actually being called by Postfix?

Thank you. The problem was with non_smtpd_milters settings in Postfix's 
main.cf file. I mispelled this settings but after I corrected it it 
works perfectly.


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