[Rspamd-Users] How to change order when dkim signing outgoing mails with rspamd

Michael Ludwig frozenyoghurt2010 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 21:34:38 UTC 2019

Hello all rspamd-Users,

please apologize I'm no expert in postfix or rspamd. I will try to
explain my problem a bit.
When a mail get's sent out by TB-client it get's signed by rspamd and
is sent out via postfix to the world.

At some point in a mail conversation with replies going in and out
postfix has to change the content-transfer-encoding type to
This is fine as postfix is only referring to RFC xyz whilst doing so.

And there is basically no technical problem to what rspamd is doing.
So please don't get me wrong as I absolutely do not want to blame
anybody for this or that.

But at the point when postfix changes the CTE it breaks the dkim
signing. The signing happens just before postfix changes the CTE. I'm
nearly sure this is just a miserable configuration failure on my side,
but I just can't see it as it is not obious to me. Sorry!

That is why I just want to clarify if there is a possibility to change
the order, the sequence of doing things in this chain between postfix
and rspamd.

To what I found out it seems like when a client sends a mail, the
postfix master.cf declares things of how to deal with the mail. (port
465, tls turned on and so on)
But also in postfix main.cf there is declared that rspamd is being
accessed via milter.

So I don't know where to start my search (master.cf, main.cf) and that
is where I need your help.

Is it possible to control the sequence by any means?
What else information do you need to help me? Any configuration
snippets or log files?


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