[Rspamd-Users] Web UI interface

Keith Williams keithwilliamsnp at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 08:36:43 UTC 2019

running Debian 9, Apache 2.4.25, Rspamd 1.9.0 (until today was 1.8.3

Had every thing up and working well for quite a time. Then a few weeks ago
the web ui stopped working. Now if I go to the page I get what looks like
the menu elements in a list and some links as on the proper page but it
looks like the css and the proper content is not there. The redirect in my
virtual domain is obviously working, because I get the output that I do. I
have checked through the permissions of all the files, javascript, css etc
and they seem to be OK.
I am stuck as to what to look for next.
Rspamd is working, so it is not an emergency emails are getting checked and
headers added.
Please could someone give me a hint at what I should check/change

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