[Rspamd-Users] SPF bypass configuration

Bertrand Poulet bertrand.poulet at pasteur-lille.fr
Tue Jun 18 06:36:17 UTC 2019


  it's ok with multimap module :

   type = "rcpt";
   priority = high;
   map = "${DBDIR}/dest_noaction_spam.map";
   description = "List of recipent wihtout filter - Keep Spam";
   action = "no action";
in map, there is the recipient mail address.

in log i have :
2019-06-17 22:29:16 #26970(rspamd_proxy) <d0f251>; proxy; 
rspamd_task_write_log: id: 
<41efc6f9-021e-6ed6-cc89-4df12691c440 at yahoo.fr>, qid: <C7D80220294>, ip: 
x.x.42.5, from: <user at yahoo.fr>, (default: F (no action): [-3.00/16.00] 
[NEURAL_HAM(-3.00){-0.999;0;},ASN(0.00){asn:12322, ipnet:x.x.42.0/19, 
country:FR;},KEEP_SPAM(0.00){recipient at domain.fr;}]), len: 720, time: 
7.087ms real, 5.417ms virtual, dns req: 1, digest: 
<98a02c23cc0e9dcba7e84fc84b25950f>, rcpts: <recipient at domain.fr>, 
mime_rcpts: <recipient at domain.fr>, forced: no action "Matched map: 
KEEP_SPAM"; score=nan (set by multimap)

thanks for your help

Le 11/06/2019 à 22:43, Tim Harman via Users a écrit :
> On 12/06/2019 6:16 am, P.V.Anthony wrote:
>> On 11/6/19 11:58 PM, Bertrand Poulet (BP) wrote:
>>> I agree with you, but the customer can't send us the mail without 
>>> changing many process on their system.
>>> Modifying rspamd configuration to bypass yahoo SPF policy would be a 
>>> workaround , if i can configure it for specific IP of the customer.
>> How about looking into DMARC not rejecting the email?
>> https://rspamd.com/doc/modules/dmarc.html
>> P.V.Anthony
> Or using Multimap to check the sender domain and just accept it 
> automatically?
> I'm not sure who has priority though, DMARC or Multimap module.  I 
> would guess multimap?
> Tim

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