[Rspamd-Users] Submission of spam using the web interface.

Markus Neubauer neubauer at std-service.com
Wed Jun 5 13:40:23 UTC 2019

Another way I found is to ctrl-a the text area and then ctrl-v to paste 
the new content. Button will lit up.

Sometimes i've seen the upload worked, but another message box below 
shows "no content"
If I try the same in an other instance (redis conected) it works 
without any prob.
Any suggestions here?

On Wed, 5 Jun 2019 21:22:38 +0800, P.V.Anthony wrote:
> Hi,
> Just tried using the web interface to update a ham to spam.
> When I copied the raw source email into the web interface, the
> buttons did not work.
> The only way I got the buttons to work was by removing the rspamd
> headers in the source.
> My purpose was to correct rspamd from ham to spam.
> Is this the correct way to use the web interface?
> --
> P.V.Anthony

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