[Rspamd-Users] Migrate bayes from sqlite to redis, learns are lost

Aki Kyo aki.2kyo at gmail.com
Wed Jul 31 03:49:01 UTC 2019

I my main question isnot lost in this talk. Anyone help for why sqlite
--> bayes migration has failed??

On 7/30/19, Tim Harman via Users <users at lists.rspamd.com> wrote:
> On 31/07/2019 8:17 am, Aki Kyo wrote:
> <snip>
>> If I must reset all bayes to zero, it's not desired but I could live
>> (how would I purge all stats from redis?) Previous sqlite learns were
>> from autolearn[0,9] but as advised on mailing list I change now to
>> autolearn[-20,20] so probably learns will be infrequent. What is best
>> alternative to autolearn... how about feeding messages coming to not
>> existing accounts on my domain (I get a fair amount of those
>> attempts)?
> Well, I can't answer why the migrate didn't work.  And while I have
> removed bayes information before using redis-cli I can't remember
> exactly my command(s) and I don't want to suggest things in case I'm
> wrong and nuke your redis database.
> As for your autolearn: why -20,20 though?

It was recommended in several places including mailing lists posts
because autolearn is dangerous to produce false positives.

> That seems very unlikely to
> learn much, especially on a small mailserver.

I agree.

> I have a small mailserver (150-200 emails a day) and I have set
> "autolearn = [-2, 15];" which works very well *for me*

Thanks you

> You can also use rspamc to learn your existing ham and spam corpus
> quickly (I used this when coming from spamassassin.  I had all my old
> ham/spam so I just fed it to rspamc)

Can you show how you did it, what commands?

> Feeding in emails to domains you don't host is _probably_ a good idea,
> if you know *for sure* all those emails are really spam.

I'm thinking feeding mails that come to accounts that do not exist to
my domain. By definiteion isn't that always spam? Is this a sound

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