[Rspamd-Users] Phishing email mark as legit with very low score

Gabriele Nencioni gabriele.nencioni at register.it
Tue Jul 30 06:54:53 UTC 2019

thank you all very much for your replies.

I have added the message to bayes_spam in this way:
cat message.eml | rspamc -c global -t 90 -P password -h mycluster:11334

I'm sure it wasn't listed in surbl at the received time.

I'm using a dnscache in order to avoid to flood the rbl's public ip adds.

The problem is I have disabled the RSPAMD_URIBL and URIBL_BLACK, so I'm
going to enable them again and tuning them.

So thank you again for your help
Gabriele Nencioni

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