[Rspamd-Users] Spamhaus Technology contributions to Rspamd ruleset

Riccardo Alfieri riccardo.alfieri at spamteq.com
Tue Jul 23 10:01:23 UTC 2019

On 23/07/19 11:30, Nihad @ RSPAMD maillist via Users wrote:

> Hello Riccardo,
> Perhaps stupid question and me being blind, but I will still ask.
> If I am running personal mail server, which by definition is non-commercial usage. But when I wish to create an account to get the the key, I am asked for company details.
> How do I, as an individual, go about of obtaining the key?

Hi Nihad,

you can just put there "personal mailserver" :)

Best regards,
Riccardo Alfieri

Spamhaus Technology

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