[Rspamd-Users] Enable Rspamd Fuzzy Worker

Emanuel Gonzalez emanuel_gonzalez at live.com.ar
Mon Jul 8 15:38:49 UTC 2019

Could make the module work by creating the file rspamd.conf.local.

I would like to clear some doubts about it, in the following way I upload information to the database in redis:

rspamc -S FUZZY_DENIED -w 10 -f 1 fuzzy_add message.eml

I see this error

[root at vpsx ~] # rspamc -S FUZZY_DENIED -w 10 -f 1 fuzzy_add ____SPAM_____I_bet_you\'re_a_great_guy._Why_don\'t_you_meet_with_a_girl_like_me_.eml
Results for file: ____SPAM_____I_bet_you're_a_great_guy._Why_don't_you_meet_with_a_girl_like_me_.eml (0.010 seconds)
HTTP error: 404, No fuzzy rules matched for flag 1

[root at vpsx /etc/rspamd/local.d] # rspamadm control fuzzystat
Statistics for storage u33g775t7jfns8x4ca1
invalid_requests: 0
fuzzy_expired: 0
fuzzy_found: (v0.6: 0), (v0.8: 0), (v0.9: 0), (v1.0+: 0), (v1.7+: 0)
fuzzy_stored: 0
fuzzy_shingles: (v0.6: 0), (v0.8: 0), (v0.9: 0), (v1.0+: 0), (v1.7+: 202)
fuzzy_checked: (v0.6: 0), (v0.8: 0), (v0.9: 0), (v1.0+: 0), (v1.7+: 223)

Keys statistics:

Errors IPs statistics:

IPs statistics:

# fuzzy_check.conf

# local.d/fuzzy_check.conf
    rule "FUZZY_CUSTOM" {
  # List of servers, can be an array or multi-value item
    servers = "*:11335";
  # List of additional mime types to be checked in this fuzzy ("*" for any)
    mime_types = ["application/*", "*/octet-stream"];
  # Maximum global score for all maps
    max_score = 20.0;
  # Ignore flags that are not listed in maps for this rule
    skip_unknown = yes;
  # If this value is false, then allow learning for this fuzzy rule
    read_only = no;
  # Fast hash type
    algorithm = "mumhash";

I can not find in the documentation help on how to see the info loaded in the fuzzy module


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