[Rspamd-Users] rejecting tld

Hirschler András hirschler.andras at hunetkft.hu
Wed Jul 3 15:21:57 UTC 2019


I would like to reject certian tld-s in the from and/or mailfrom.
(like: .icu, .xyz)

I tried to create a multimap.conf:
local_bl_tld { type = top; map = "$LOCAL_CONFDIR/local.d/local_bl_tld.map.inc"; symbol = "LOCAL_BL_TLD"; description = "Local TLD blacklist";score = 99;}

I also tried type=top:from and type=from_hostname
Neither worked.

I got the following error on the webui:
Module: lua
Internal ID: s69f66
Message: cannot add rule: \"local_bl_tld\"

Can someone help me creating the correct syntax?

Andras Hirschler

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