[Rspamd-Users] Running cluster and remote rspamc

Peter Hudec peter at home.hudecof.net
Tue Feb 26 07:27:31 UTC 2019


I would like to setup following scenario. I single server mode it’s working ;)

There will be several mail proxy servers directing the mail delivery to the mail storage servers. 
These mail proxy will be running rspamd instances.
The mail storage server will be only for running rpsamc for learning ham/spam.

The questions.

1) rspamd cluster
Generally how to setup the cluster. Some data are shared by the redis instance, but is this all I need to setup?
Where are the user data stored about learned ham/spam ?

2) running rpsmac standalone
The mail storage servers do not need run the whole rspamd software. The rspamc is invoked by the dovecot sieve filtering engine.
Is enough to connect the rspamc to the any server in above cluster? Do I need any other configuration for the only rspamc?


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