[Rspamd-Users] installer

Hirschler András hirschler.andras at hunetkft.hu
Mon Aug 12 06:39:41 UTC 2019


I created an installer script for rspamd on Debian.
It requires a minimal install of Debian and install the followings:

- rspamd required modules (unbound, redis-server, clamav) and some basic configuration files
- apache2 web server
- postfix mail server (optional)
- shorewall firewall (optional)
- letsencrypt certificate (optional)
- webmin, with certificate (optional)
- munin (optional)

It will create a spam filter gateway, which will relay all emails to
a mail server (Exchange or other).

I do not know if it is something, which is useful for anyone. I thought
I post it anyway to the list. I hope someone will find it useful.

It can be found here:

Any comments are welcome.

Andras Hirschler

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