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Grooz, Marc (regio iT) Marc.Grooz at regioit.de
Fri Aug 9 07:32:22 UTC 2019

Hi Alexander,

thank you. Now with the command:

rspamc -f 11 fuzzy_delhash 2869be91611dd3931e444e91e929da1eaa1e39b29330d9b914d171c5f675ae5de0d8f553a2b067edf3e60b838e25e11b20ba0cd8ca049612d3d41d8b0197006e
Results for command: fuzzy_delhash (0.011 seconds)
success = true;
hashes [
scan_time = 0.012000;

The Hash was deleted and the counter  in local fuzzy decrises from 117 to 116. But with no effect. Mail is dedected by local fuzzy. After we issued the same command again the Counter of entry decrises ongoing, now we are at 114. Im sure that this hash isn't n times in our storage. Looks like a bug to me?

Is it possible to see all hashes in storage?

Regards Marc  

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On 08.08.2019 13:59, Grooz, Marc (regio iT) wrote:
> Hi,
> can you tell me how I can delete for example this fuzzy hasg from local storage?
> This is the Logoutput from rspamd for thtat hash I want to delete:
> 1:2869be9161:1.00:txt
> I tryed "rspamc -f 11 fuzzy_delhash 1:2869be9161:1.00:txt" or "rspamc -f 11 fuzzy_delhash 2869be9161" but no luck.

Symbol options include only first 10 characters of the hash. With fuzzy_delhash command you need to use the full, 128-character hash that can be found in an "X-Rspamd-Fuzzy" header and in the rspamd log.
Look for "... fuzzy_insert_result: found fuzzy hash..." log line with the same id as "... rspamd_task_write_log: ..." line.
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