[Rspamd-Users] DKIM Signing: Question regarding signing_table, key_table in RSPAMD 1.9.2

Dismas Axel (Thomas) dismasc at protonmail.com
Fri Apr 26 04:51:31 UTC 2019

Hello, I tried signing_table, key_table in rspamd 1.9.2 but not with a success yet. Pls help:

Here is my local.d/dkim_signing.conf :

signing_table = [

  "*@brand1.com mail.hqcompany.com",


key_table = [

  "mail.hqcompany.com %:mail.hqcompany:/var/lib/rspamd/keys/mail.hqcompany.key",


But it is not being signed. Am I missing something?

Thank you,
D. A. Thomas

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