[Rspamd-Users] dkim / oversign "sender" header

Ralph Seichter abbot at monksofcool.net
Sun Apr 21 14:34:55 UTC 2019

* Vsevolod Stakhov:

> Same RFC section:
> For this reason, signing fields present in the message such as Date,
> Subject, Reply-To, Sender, and all MIME header fields are highly
> advised.

Please note the relevant details: "signing fields *present* in the
message". Oversigning Sender if it does not exists is not recommended
by the RFC.

> Google signs `Sender` it is advised to sign Sender by RFC so I see no
> reasons why not to sign this header. If your mailman rewrites this
> header then fix it.

It is not "my mailman", and Andreas asked about a Rspamd default
behaviour that is causing real-world issues. No need for hostility.


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