[Rspamd-Users] DKIM signing using "HTTP headers based DKIM signing"

Christian Rößner c at roessner-network-solutions.com
Fri Apr 19 18:05:31 UTC 2019


can somebody give me more details for "HTTP headers based DKIM signing"?

How does the Rspamd config look like for this and what service is required? Does Rspamd speak REST to some HTTP server? I do not understand the current documentation.

I could write a Python CherryPy REST server that connects OpenLDAP for DKIM key material. And I look for a way on how to connect Rspamd to that service (Vault seems not to be an option for me. Too complicated).

I also could write a uWSGI service. But yet I do not get the missing puzzle between Rspamd and the outer world :)

Any help is welcome. If that works with request headers, some abstract example would be nice.

Thanks in advance

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