[Rspamd-Users] A Single DKIM Key Signing for Multiple Domains

J. Fahrner jf at fahrner.name
Tue Apr 9 07:51:26 UTC 2019

Am 2019-04-09 09:35, schrieb Dismas Axel (Thomas) via Users:
> All emails from @brand1.com and @brand2.com would also be signed with
> mail._domainkey.maincorp.com. When you check with gmail it will tell
> me that @brand1.com signed-by mailcorp.com and not brand1.com.

Yes, that is what you did. But with a proper DMARC or ADSP policy, these 
mails would be treated as invalid.
Why should someone trust a signature from maincorp.com in a mail from 

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