[Rspamd-Users] A Single DKIM Key Signing for Multiple Domains

Carsten Rosenberg cr at ncxs.de
Tue Apr 9 06:47:52 UTC 2019

Hi D.A.T,

Could you please detail a bit, what you want to achieve? Please bring
examples and debug logs.

Signing a mail for brand1.com using brand1.com also as signing domain is
not verifiable without a DNS entry. Also impossible in OpenDKIM ;)

What is possible and what you maybe have done before is to sign
brand1.com using maincorp.com as signing domain.

But you don't have asked about that. Maybe the feature is already



On 09.04.19 08:00, Dismas Axel (Thomas) via Users wrote:
> Dear J. Fahrner and folks,
> Many thanks for the reply. Then it is cleared now that this feature is not yet available in RSPAMD and I do hope that this feature could be considered in the ROADMAP for future release.
> As for your information, I have been done this successfully but with OPENDKIM SigningTable. I generated a DKIM key once, stored it in the KeyTable and then map it in the SigningTable.
> This feature might be small, but it is a good feature of OpenDKIM! It has helped us a lot in deployment and managing a centralized mail server especially for us who works with other people from different timezone.
> Please please please RSPAMD folks,... Could you add this feature to your Roadmap for future release?
> Thank you,
> D.A.T

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