[Rspamd-Users] greylisting instead of other spam actions

Kai Schaetzl maillists at conactive.com
Tue Oct 9 10:46:02 UTC 2018

I looked in my other config files and found in my local.d/greylist.conf 

  #action = "soft reject"; # default greylisted action
  action = "greylist";

Would this be the culprit for this behavior?
I've changed it now, it must have been left there from much earlier 
Ah, yes, I now get "soft reject" actions I never got before.
The documentation (as I understood that) merely says that "greylist" is 
basically the same as "soft reject". So, I think, maybe I wanted to check 
with that setting why there are two. So, if I understand correctly 
greylist is not really an action, but a symbol.
So, "greylist" was shortcutting here because of the changed action.

What I do not understand *now*, though, is why some of the messages got a 
add_header or rewrite_subject message, anyway. These messages should have 
qualified for greylisting first. Shouldn't they?


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